A tool for an inefficiënt system

Last week I saw the TED talk I posted underneath by Margaret Heffernan. In this talk, she tells about efficiency: our Western civilizations are constantly working on making things more efficient, using artificial intelligence, protocol and reducing laborers to cogs in the machinery of society.

But our future, Heffernan tells us, isn’t about efficiency, it is about resilience. And to be resilient, you have to be inefficient. And listening to this talk, I thought about both education and the BlockChange project.

Because this project is also about inefficiency. BlockChange derived from the idea that education is an inefficient, messy process. A combination of several relationships, methods, technologies and interactions, with a different path for every learner.

And because we can never create one system for all, one app above all apps, one way of working for every educational context, we need a system that is robust, resilient, inefficient but ready for the future. And that is what BlockChange.EU will be.

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