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Wim Pelgrim
Blockchain for non-profit | Dutch language and literature | teacher | MIEExpert | podcasting
Tilburg Area, Netherlands | Education Management

As a teacher and blockchain enthusiast, I'm combining my passion for learning and my passion for the smart use of technology. Since 2007 I teach Dutch language and literature in middle and high school, at this moment at the Dr.-Knippenbergcollege in Helmond.

In 2016 I started working on blockchain technology in education as way of changing the way we grade students and store learning outcome. Today I work on the BlockChange project at Vereniging OMO and share the latest news on the blockchain in my podcasts.

Me in five words:
Various interests

On my website www.wimpelgrim.nl (Dutch) you can find more information about me. My school can be found at www.dr-knip.nl (Dutch), my blockchain initiative is called www.blockchange.eu (English) and my podcast can be found on the bigger podcast platforms and in Dutch on Blocker.nl

Specialisms: Nineteenth-century Dutch literature and culture
Membership and activating members of a volunteer organisation
Structure and organization
Education and culture on a general level
Application of blockchain technology in non-profit organisations
Marketing and communications for (small or mediocre sized) non-profit organisations
Online communication and marketing (blogging, website building, little SEO, social networking)

Candidate Provincal Parliament Member (no. 31) (2018 - Aanwezig)
Non Profit, 11-50, Politieke organisatie
Member/writer @ Opfrissing.nl (2018 - Aanwezig)
Non Profit, 11-50, Politieke organisatie
Podcaster "Last week in blockchain" (2018 - Aanwezig)
Magistri Peregrini
Partnership, 2-10, Onderwijsmanagement

Weekly podcast about all the latest news about blockchain. As of December 2018 part of Bitcoinmagazine.nl

Projectmanager/product owner (2018 - Aanwezig)
Non Profit, 2-10, Onderwijsmanagement

BlockChange.EU wants to evolutionize education by using blockchain technology to capture the progress of students, individualize education and build a profile of students they can use during and after their school years.

Started the project, was head of the project team and was project owner in the agile scrum method.

Product owner blockchain application BlockChange.EU (2017 - Aanwezig)
vereniging Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs
Educational, 5001-10000, Onderwijsmanagement

2017-present OMO Scholengroep Helmond (1 day a week)
Blockchain expert, leading the blockchain project BlockChange

Teacher Dutch Language and Literature (2014 - Aanwezig)
vereniging Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs
Educational, 5001-10000, Onderwijsmanagement

2014-present Dr.-Knippenbergcollege, Helmond (3 days a week)
Teaching Dutch Language and Literature to adolescents (15-18 year olds) in education levels havo and vwo.

Tutoring a vWo 5 group of students (2015-present).

Developing the research program "Wetenschapsoriëntatie (WON)" among others a course in academic writing and the proces for the final paper ("profielwerkstuk") (2014-present).

Developing several portfolio applications, ICT inspired lesson plans and the literature curriculum for the vwo department in Dutch Language and Literature (2016-present)

The vwo department was awarded the predicate Excellent by the Department of Education 2015-2018 and 2019-2021

Blockchain expert, podcaster and speaker (2018 - Aanwezig)
Magistri Peregrini
Partnership, 2-10, Onderwijsmanagement

I speak about the blockchain and advise non-profit organisations about the use and implementation of the technique. More information in Dutch on http://blockchain.wimpelgrim.nl. Also, listen to my podcast I produce weekly on Soundcloud about the blockchain: "Last week in blockchain"

Check the Projects section on my LinkedIn profile for all projects I worked on.

Active member (2004 - Aanwezig)
Non Profit, 11-50, Politieke organisatie

Campaigner for several election campaigns (European Parliamant, Dutch Parliamant, Senate, regional and local elections) (2004-present)

2009 Organising a fringemeeting on the 90th national congres about 'education and the local government'
2011-2013 Field expert for the MP and Senator about education
2012-2014 Member of the Education panel of the Permanent Program Commission in D66 's-Hertogenbosch

2006-2014 Participating in the online platform Plein66 (2006-2014)
2008-2009 Workshop Plein66 on a national congres (november 2008, march 2009)
2009 Online campaign volunteer during the EU-campaign
2010-2012 Chairman expert group Plein66/ict
2010-2013 Moderator Plein66

2019 Candidate provincial parliament member

2005-2008 Committee member membership management and campaigning
2006 Candidate city couciler - no. 15
2007-2008 Assistent city counciler

2009-2015 Committee member - secretary and membership management
2009-2013 Webmaster www.d66shertogenbosch.nl
2010 Candidate city couciler - no. 10
2013 Candidate city counciler - no. 15
2017 Secretary of the selection committee for the local elections
2017 Member of the alderman advising committee
2018 Candidate city counciler - no. 22

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